Here to tear it up.

The 60’s!

I have chosen to research the 60’s as it seems to me to have the most interesting topics.

The main theme throughout the 60’s; especially towards the end, was breaking out of the norm. Some people would describe them as a social revolution.


Hippies were a large part of the social movement in the 1960’s. Hippie fashion included wearing brightly coloured clothes, males with long hair, head scarves, and bell bottoms. They would also quite often walk around in bare feet. Hippies were often prone to  taking drugs, they  were open about it, and once held a festival called  the  Trips festival, the festival was held to  celebrate  the LSD experience.


Some of the more stand out technological advances of the 1960’s are:

  • The first trans-antlantic television broadcast.

The first trans-atlantic television broadcast was in 1962. Just seven years after this global communications were available every minute of every day. An example of this is when the Landing of Apollo 11 was broadcast around the world and over 600 million people were watching.

  • One of the earliest computer games ever conceived; Spacewar! Was invented.
  • Man on the moon!

Neil Armstrong became the first man to ever set foot on the moon. “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Another major event of the 1960’s was the Woodstock festival, one of the greatest moments in music history. Over 500’000 people attended the free concert, against all the odds.

The 1960’s also featured possibly the most famous war after WW1 and WW2, that is the Vietnam war.  The Vietnam  war started in 1955 and ended in 1975, and had over 3 million fatalities. It started as a war between the communist North Vietnam, and the democratic South Vietnam, and ended up as an indirect conflict between the USA and Soviet Russia, as the USA supplied South Vietnam with weapons and training, and Soviet Russia did the same for North Vietnam.

The war didn’t sit well with the American population, as most disagreed with their countries involvement and the death of their soldiers, this sparked many protests, one of the largest being when 100,000 people demonstrated against the war at the Lincoln Memorial.


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  1. they say there is no wind on the moon so in the picture why is the flag blowing. It should not be blowing if they say there is no wind on the moon

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