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Ethical branding

Ethical branding is where you take an existing product, and add a new dimension to it. An example of this is Cadbury’s. They recently turned into a fairtrade company, this means that the workers they hire in to pick the cocoa beans in Africa are paid fairly.  This gives them the ethical advantage over other chocolate products as they have underpaid adults, or even children working for them. Therefore people would be more obliged to buy Cadbury’s products as they would feel good about themselves for doing it, and feel like they are making a difference in somebodies life.

An example of a product in the 1960’s that could of benefitted from ethical branding is Lava hand soap. If they were to say that the soap wasn’t tested on animals, and was made of purely natural substances, then they probably would of sold more copies, for the reason stated above.

I got my information about Cadbury’s turning fairtrade from


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