Here to tear it up.

Challenge 3.

Advertising strategies.

An advertising strategy in recent times that has been highly successful was the advertisement of Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy Seven. It was one of the most heavily advertised games ever for that point in time, and Squaresoft pumped a lot of money into it. Their strategy was to release multiple trailers for the game onto TV’s, some before the release, to hype it up, and some after, where they could quote it’s incredible statistics. An example of these trailers is:

They also released a two minute trailer for the game, that featured a bunch of quotes from respected gaming magazines and communities saying just how good the game was.

As well as this, they placed a demo in the Official Playstation magazine that allowed the player to play through the first part of the game. I believe all this was instrumental to the success of Final Fantasy Seven, as it spread the game to a lot of new audiences, that would of never known about the game otherwise. The commercials and the trailer were also so well done, that it was hard to resist. This led to Final Fantasy Seven being the the most sold game, ever, on the PS1.

A product in the 1960’s would benefit from a marketing strategy like this would be a movie,  for example, if the latest movie featuring Audrey Hepburn was coming out. If paramount were to spend some money getting commercials playing frequently on TV, and place a sneak peek of the movie in a well known magazine, then sales could be increased by a lot!


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