Here to tear it up.

Marketing Techniques

In this challenge, we were asked to talk about marketing techniques, and different methods that companies can now use to market their product. There is, of course, all the old tools that companies used to market their product, for example, TV, Radio, Posters, and Magazines etc. However, a new medium has appeared in recent times, and that is the Internet and Social websites. Imagine how many people in the world use either Facebook or Twitter(0r both)? If you advertise your product on these websites, and only 10% of people buy it, then that is still massive sales. You’re also hitting so many audiences at once, from teens all the way to silver surfers. An example of a company that has taken advantage of this is Old Spice. They initially had a video campaign, where they would have this guy dressed in a towel, doing and saying a bunch of quirky things that made you laugh, and made the advert stick in your head, and would be on that you would talking about.

They then took it a step further, and tweeted a huge internet celebrity a personal video from the Old Spice Guy, as he is known, which this internet celebrity retweeted, then his followers retweeted, and so on and so forth. And as you can see, in a matter of hours, a huge amount of people will have seen the video. Obviously a large amount of people then followed Old Spice, which means that is more people seeing their adverts everyday.


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