Here to tear it up.

Reflective skills

Reflecting on the past 9 weeks of work, I would say my main issue is organisation, and I need better use of my time. For the two hand-ins we have had so far, I have left the majority of the work until the last minute. To fix this, I am going to give myself an earlier deadline than the one set by my teacher. For example, I’ll say to myself that it has to be in a week earlier than it actually does. I feel that this will give me a sufficient amount of time to do the work, and then have time to check it over and improve after I’ve had a couple of days away from it.

I also feel like I have struggled with the work as I haven’t taken many notes in class, and I haven’t paid as much attention as I could of done, so both of these things are going to change. Also, if I feel confused at any point, instead of trying to figure it out for myself, which I am prone to doing, I’ll ask a question and try and figure it out with my teacher.


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