Here to tear it up.

Pasta advertisement.

The advert is only allowed to be 32 seconds long. Pasta is supposed to originate from Italy. I could use this information to create an italian theme for my advert. I don’t think I will go with an italian theme, however, as that is how most pasta is advertised, and my advert wouldn’t stand out.

Potential ideas:

  • Create a character that is a piece of pasta.
  • Timelapse somebody making and eating a bowl of pasta. (Not sure how to do this, need to research.)
  • Create a compilation of a load of different dishes you can make with pasta, synced with some awesome music!

Pasta adverts used in the past:

This is an update on the 20/05/2011.

I’ve thought about this some more, and have thought of a new idea. I am going to make a family and friends based advert, where the angle is that Pasta can bring you closer together. I think this is a good idea because everybody likes Pasta! My first idea was to record me baking the meal, and then record my friends and family eating the meal. This didn’t seem like a good idea because it would be difficult to condense over 15 minutes of footage into a 32 second advert. Then I had another idea, I will take pictures of the preparation and consumption of the Pasta, and then mix them all together.

Upon further consideration, I decided to make the meal with my other half and go for a romantic theme. It didn’t out exactly as I hoped, but I only had one attempt at shooting as I don’t have large amounts of money to waste on pasta. I also feel that the text is bit sloppy.

The final result is here:


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