Here to tear it up.

In this challenge we were set, we were given a bunch of little toys and we had to take pictures of them in real world scenarios.

The inspiration for this challenge came from the little people blog (link here: ).

This challenge was a lot of fun to do, and there were lots of different ideas that were possible. When I first started thinking of ideas, I thought back to one of the favourite movies from my childhood, and that would be The Borrowers. The Borrowers is about tiny people that live under the floorboards of a house, and “borrow” items from the house and turn them into tools, for example paper clips.

Below are some of the pictures we took:

In our group we spent around an hour thinking of some ideas, and then we started to implement them. Our first idea was to go to the bishopthorpe bumps, as there is a cycle path that has small planets placed along it. We thought that this  would make for a good photo, but in the end we couldn’t think of a way to actually do it. What I thought was our best idea was a spur of the moment thing, we decided to create a tiny bonfire, and place the little people around it.

Our main difficulty was a lot of our ideas being unrealistic, when we started to realise this it became easier. All in all, I think we got some really great photos, and I’m very happy with them.


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