Here to tear it up.


An Infographic is a graphical way of presenting information. The general guidline for an infographic is the width should be the same as a sheet of A4, which is 210mm, and then depending on how much information you want to show, you can have it as long as you want. I think infographic’s are a great way of displaying information in a quick and concise way, and I believe I would learn much more from an infographic than I would reading a 5000 page book for 5 minutes. An infographic can be either formal, or informal, and can range from serious topics such as the Obama Energy Agenda, or less serious topics like April Fools Day. There is a large variety of both types on this website

To create my infographic, I only needed the tools that my tutor had taught me during a small period of time in lesson. These are tools such as: how to properly use layers, how to make text look better by adding a Stroke or a Drop Shadow, how to make a Gradient, and many simple things like these. While they aren’t the most impressive skills, nor are they difficult to use, anybody using Photoshop needs to know these skills to create a good image.


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