Here to tear it up.

Pet Rock!

In class we were given an exercise to come with products that had to have something to do with two keywords, our keywords were Stone and Camera. We then narrowed it down to five ideas. Our ideas were:

  1. A camera case made of stone.
  2. Camera that when you take a picture it etches it into stone.
  3. Camera that if you take a picture of an object made of stone, it brings it to life.
  4. Pet rock that has a camera in the mouth.
  5. Camera made of stone.

For this image I had to download a rising sun brush to the get the desired effect of a flash. I then decided to market the product at children, as I didn’t think it would be marketable to adults, I also decided to add a twist and make it seem like the rock can be a therapuetic for children.

The reason I didn’t think it would be marketable to adults is that I wanted to make it as realistic as possible, and that is why I only gave it an 8mp camera, therefore I thought an adult would prefer to buy a better camera than a pet rock that is more for show than practicality.


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