Here to tear it up.


In this challenge we were asked to create a tutorial. We could either make a video, or a poster, as you can see I opted for the poster.

When this challenge was first set out, our tutor told us that out tutorial didn’t have to be serious, and we could opt to do a tutorial on something funny, or weird. This instantly got the cogs my mind turning, and I had a large amount of ideas running through my head, for example, How to be a Ninja, How to suck at Halo, How to be awesome, and pretty much things like that. However, when I reconsidered the options I had given myself I discarded them all. This was because I wanted to make a tutorial for something that I actually do in my life, alas, I am not a Ninja.

This was when I came upon the Pot Noodle idea, as I pretty much live off of them (sad, I know).

When making the poster, I decided to go for numbered steps to make it easier to follow. I struggled at one point making the poster as I am new to Photoshop, and I wasn’t sure how to mask things. I have previous experience masking in Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects, but I was stumped! This led to a quick google search, and a handy tutorial(ironic), I then found out that Photoshop has some brilliant tools for masking, these include the Magic Eraser tool, the Background Eraser tool, and the familiar Pen Tool that both SV and AAE use, my struggle was over!

I then toyed around with some other tools, and noticed I could add a Lens Flare, I played with it a little bit and decided I like the way it made my picture look. It added some light to the poster, and it also created a bright light behind the “Enjoy!”, which was brilliant as I wanted the word to be bold and stand out.


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