Here to tear it up.


The Storyboard challenge was to select a scene from a film, and to create a storyboard from it. Storyboards are usually created during the pre-production of a film, so that the director and producers can have a quick look at how the film is going to pan out, and can make decisions on camera angles, character movement, character placement and that sort of thing. This makes actually filming your movie much easier, as you have a guideline to work from.

My initial ideas for this were to take a scene from one of my favourite comedy films, and create a storyboard from that, however there wasn’t  a scene that stood out to me. Then I decided to widen the scope of my thinking to encompass all genres, and to think of my favourite scenes of all time.

There was, of course, only one winner:

This is pretty much my favourite scene of all time! It’s epic, and I love the Lord Of The Rings books and films.

There was one problem however, I really fail at drawing, and this scene is really difficult to draw, especially the Balrog. To make up for my lack of drawing skills, I tried to put as much detail as I could into my annotations of the storyboards. Hopefully they are at least good enough so you can tell what is going on, and my annotations make up for the rest.


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