Here to tear it up.

EIM Final Piece.

For our EIM final piece, we were told to create an image that disrupts the face, and is also very creative. I feel that I have achieved that.

My idea was to print a picture of myself, and to do a bunch of stuff to it, for example melt parts of it. I then planned on dropping it into Photoshop, cutting it up and placing it all back together in a weird way. I took a picture of myself with the Canon 20D SLR, which is what I used for all these pictures.

Here is the original picture I started with:

To start off with, I found a picture of myself that would be suitable. I then took it into my back garden with: a bucket of water, a sponge, a lighter, a box of matches, the camera I was using, and some tissues. Here is a picture of my set-up:

I then started working on my picture. I started off by dousing the sponge in water, squeezing it until it was only slightly wet, and then I started stroking half of the picture with it. This was to try and make the colours run a little, and to make it a different colour to the other side of the picture. I then set the end of a piece of tissue paper on fire, and held it close to one of my eyes on the picture, this made it look really dark, which was the effect I was looking for. After this I used the charred ends of the tissue papers I used, to kind of paint the left side of my face on the picture. I continued doing little things with the tools I had until I was happy with my image. This is what I came up with: I also found out that by rubbing a sponge across the front of the picture, you can start to see it from the other side of the paper. This picture will make it easier to understand:

I thought this was a really cool effect!

I then took a lot of different pictures of both sides, from varying angles, opened them up in Photoshop and started to crop them. I used a different part of my face from each picture, and in the end this is what I came up with: 


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