Here to tear it up.

For my work placement I first decided to ask around my family if anyone needed anything that could fall under the category of  what we’re supposed to be doing, the answer was a resounding no, however, my mum’s friend has just recently started a fake nail business from home. The gist of it is that people pay to have fake nails to put on. I asked her if she would like an advertising poster made and she said she would greatly appreciate it.

It took me a while to find this placement however, and I had only a week left until the work was to be handed in. This left me having to rush slightly.

My clients name is Deana Massey, and she was incredibly lenient, she didn’t place any time scales on me, nor did she give me any limitations. The only thing she knew she definitely wanted on was the prices, the name of her small business, and a contact number. These were all going on the poster anyway, so it wasn’t a problem.

The first thing I think about when I think of fake nails is women, and rightly so since it is very rare for men to do it. This means that my target audience is basically the female half of the human race. To appeal to their nature, I will try and make the poster as feminine as possible, and pleasing to the eye. This could be a difficult task for me, we’ll see!

I had a vision of a poster that was pink, or with a pink tinge, and had a hand with painted nails somewhere on it that was very visible. The name of the business is “Deana Massey, Nail Technician”, I wanted this to be big and visible also. I had hoped that having these attributes on the poster would attract the eye of passers by. It was difficult to figure out where to put the prices and the contact number though, as I didn’t want the poster to look crowded with numbers and words, as it would be hard to take all this in with a quick glance.

The answer was simple, I decided to make the hand and the name of the business the two centrepieces of the picture, and have the other information along a strip on the bottom of the poster. I feel that I have done this rather effectively. Some things I had to keep in mind is to not make the text so small that it is difficult to read, and I also needed something to make it stand out a bit, so that the reader didn’t over look it. To fix this problem I put a white rectangle over the information and lowered the opacity to around 40% so that the text is still visible, I feel this worked effectively as it isn’t too distracting, but is also difficult to over look.

The main problem throughout this process was communication with my client, I wasn’t sure about the prices so I tried to get in touch with her twice and didn’t receive a response, this meant that I had to take the initiative and find out the prices myself, this also means that I have yet to show her the finished poster. The breakdown in communication has stemmed from the fact that the only way I have to contact her is via Facebook, which isn’t brilliant.

If I were to do this again, the main thing I would do is scout out at least 3 potential clients, and discuss at length with each of them, what the project would entail. I would also find out at least 2 ways of contacting them,  examples these could be via email, mobile, home phone, or even their address.  I would also give myself more time so that I could show them rough drafts of things, this was made difficult in this projects by lack of time, lack of communication, and the fact there wasn’t a draft per se, I just created the picture in one sitting in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Here is a picture of the finished poster: 

The reason there isn’t a contact number on there is because due to the breakdown in communication, I’m not entirely sure what it is, I’m hoping to rectify this problem as soon as possible though.

I got the picture of the hand from:

When creating this picture, I decided that I wanted to use filters, something that I’ve very rarely used in Photoshop before, so this was a learning experience for me. The filter I first decided to choose was the Lighting Effects filter, now I wasn’t entirely sure what to do, but after messing around with all the different settings for 10 minutes I had the gist of it. The first thing to note is there are three different types of lights to choose from, these were Omni, Directional, and Spotlight. Now I knew how Omni and Spotlight lights work, as I had used both of them in 3Ds Max, therefore I decided to stick with them, and I chose Omni. You can then edit the intensity, the exposure (if you want it over or under exposed), and the material plus, some other stuff.

When I first decided on the Omni light, it gave me a brilliant idea to place the light in the fingertips of the hand on the picture, so that it looked like the hand would be holding the light, or generating the light depending on which way the viewer would interpret it. I thought that this was a good idea as people getting their nails done want them to glow, and they want to attract attention to them, so that was bringing out that idea in a different way. I wanted this to be at the forefront of the picture, and everything else to kind of take a back seat, I think I achieved the desired effect.  Here is a screenshot of the work in Adobe Photoshop Cs5: 


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